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Our Services – Executive Order 13514

Sustainability Solutions

Meeting the requirements for EO 13514 compliance may be challenging. As your partner, we can guide you to the most financially and environmentally wise strategies, then work with you to implement them.

Analyzing, Reporting and Tracking

Carbon Footprint

Let us assist with data collection, analysis and reporting of your carbon emissions. We will help identify the operational efficiencies you can make that will lead to a realistic long-term strategy for managing your carbon emissions.

Road Map

We can advise you of phased, tactical management strategies for identifying and reducing Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Continuous monitoring and support is part of this plan.

Measurement and Verification

We will work with you to calculate and document a baseline of your current resource consumption, using internationally accepted methodologies. As reduction strategies are implemented, we will help you demonstrate success by benchmarking new measurements against these baselines.

Strategies for Reducing Scope 1, 2, or 3 Emissions

Emissions Scenario Planning

We will perform a full assessment to help identify strategies for reducing the greatest amount of emissions over the shortest period of time and for the least amount of investment.

Waste Reduction

Minimizing waste helps minimize emissions. We'll help find ways that directly reduce waste through diversion, recycling and organic solutions. We can also guide you to eco-friendly ways of managing your electronic and universal waste by recycling CFL bulbs, batteries, computers and other devices. For federal facilities that deal with medical waste, we can deliver efficiencies by responsibly treating, recycling and disposing of the waste.

Alternative Energy

We'll work with you to take advantage of the benefits of using renewable and alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, waste-to-energy and landfill-gas-to-energy.

Energy Efficiency

We can help you reduce energy consumption associated with lighting, heating and cooling not only by adopting energy-efficient products and technologies, but also by changing processes and behaviors.

Contact Us

One of our sustainability experts would be glad to tell you more.

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