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Our Services – Recycling

Waste Management Recycle America

Waste Management Recycle America (WM Recycle America), Waste Management's dedicated group for recycling, is focused on our role as an industry leader offering communities and businesses more effective and affordable recycling options as well as providing manufacturers and end users with the secure, consistent stream of high-quality raw materials they need to maintain operational efficiency.

Operating plants that process everything from paper to plastics to electronics to sensitive materials and providing marketing responsibility for locations across North America - WM Recycle America is an ideal long-term partner for both generators of recycled materials as well as mills and end users. Our geographic span as well as the variety and number of businesses we work with provide logistics and marketing advantages that translate into real value.


WM Recycle America is focused on making it easier for people to recycle - whether home or at work. In 2001, Waste Management became the first major solid waste company to focus on residential single-stream recycling, which allows customers to mix recyclable paper, plastic and glass in one bin. Residential single-stream programs have greatly increased the recycling rates, recovering as much as three times the amount of recyclable materials. In fact, we opened our first single-stream plant in the late 1990’s.

Single-stream recycling is made possible through the use of various mechanized screens and optical sorting technologies. With single-stream recycling well under way in residential applications, Waste Management is advancing the same easy recycling programs for other commercial applications.

Waste Management is proud to provide specialized services that strengthen our communities, protect our land and improve our quality of life.

  • WM Lamptracker provides specialized recycling services to recycle mercury from fluorescent light bulbs and the dental industry.
  • WM eScraptracker provides specialized services to recycle and manage electronic wastes. Providing the means to recycle electronics and products containing mercury makes a world of difference for people and for the environment.

Our Approach to Marketing Recyclables

WM Recycle America’s approach to marketing recyclables consists of the following:

  • Centralized and coordinated marketing, sales, transportation, and accounting activities
  • Maximizing revenues through a combination of long-term and spot-market contracts
  • Maintaining little or no finished-goods inventory in the facilities from which we market materials
  • Continually upgrading our knowledge of the consumer's needs and requirements
  • Dealing only with consumers who can offer stable marketing opportunities
  • Producing end-market products of consistently high quality
  • Taking advantage of local marketing opportunities

Recyclable Items Specifications Sheets

In an effort to keep our processing costs low we need your assistance to ensure the material delivered is free from contamination. The specification guidelines will allow WM Recycle America to provide you with the best possible returns for your material. These specifications if not met will result in downgrades to the value of the material delivered. Please review these guidelines and if you have any questions please contact your representative right away.
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ISRI - Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

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