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Our Services – Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Waste Management operates the largest network of landfills in our industry, with nearly 300 sites managing the disposal of millions of tons of waste per year. This provides us with a vast supply of a natural, renewable energy source: landfill gas, or methane. This gas, which is created naturally through the decomposition of waste in landfills, is a readily available, renewable energy source that can be collected and used directly as medium Btu gas for industrial use or sold to gas-to-energy plants to fuel engine or turbine driven generators of electricity. Landfill gas has lived up to its promise of being a reliable and economical form of energy.

In fact, the EPA has endorsed landfill gas as an environmentally wise alternative energy resource that reduces our reliance on fossil fuels like coal. Over the years, we have worked closely with businesses, industries and public utilities to develop many beneficial-use projects from landfill gas. We currently supply landfill gas to over 100 beneficial-use gas projects in North America, providing the equivalent of more than 470 megawatts of energy-enough to power approximately 400,000 homes-and replacing nearly two million tons of coal per year.

Like wind and solar power, landfill gas is a natural resource that can be harnessed to produce clean energy. Waste Management's landfill gas-to-energy program is a vital and important part of North America's drive to develop alternative energy sources and promote environmental sustainability.

Waste Management has a dedicated renewable energy group with experience gained from two decades of developing clean, renewable energy from landfill gas. We are unique in the industry with our in-house expertise and management of the entire "curbside-to-power" renewable energy cycle. Our renewable energy group provides landfill gas management, power plant construction and operation, and energy marketing. We helped pioneer the landfill gas-to-energy industry, and we continue to aggressively develop new technologies.

Since the early 1970s, our Wheelabrator division has been delivering successful waste-to-energy projects, providing clean, renewable energy and saving space in local landfills.

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