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Our Services – Recycling


For Residential - Fluorescent Bulbs & Batteries

Fluorescent bulbs and batteries contain mercury and other toxic materials that can be harmful to humans and the environment when improperly disposed.

With our Think Green® From Home recycling kits, you can safely recycle these materials for pennies a day, without going farther than your own mailbox.

Designed for the safe storage and transport of discarded bulbs or batteries, the kits come with prepaid postage for shipping with the United States Postal Service.

The bulbs and batteries are sent to our recycling facility where the recyclable materials and the mercury are separated for reuse. For more information visit www.ThinkGreenFromHome.com.

For Business - Fluorescent Bulbs & Universal Waste

Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, a regulated waste at the federal and state levels. When lamps are broken during handling and storage, they release mercury and may put your employees, and your company, at risk.

The WM LampTracker® recycling program is a safe and cost-effective way to manage this easy-to-overlook environmental and health risk. The program includes prepaid postage via UPS or FedEx ground and complete online documentation.

Our patent-pending Mercury VaporLok™ packaging reduces the risk of mercury exposure during collection, storage, and shipment, therefore reducing your liability. For more information on all our universal waste solutions, visit www.WMLampTracker.com.



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