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Our Services – Landfills


Waste Management safely, responsibly, and carefully manages the disposal of more than 128 million tons of waste annually.

As a long-time developer of advanced landfill management methods, Waste Management continues to lead the industry in solutions that impact the future of solid waste management, such as Next Generation TechnologySM. This alternative approach accelerates the decomposition of waste in landfills so that it occurs within years rather than decades.

At the same time, the technology speeds the production of landfill gas, a renewable energy source. Waste Management has 14 Next Generation TechnologySM projects in the U.S. and Canada, and continues to work with the EPA and other groups to develop the engineering knowledge base and operational expertise that will enable widespread implementation.

Waste Management's landfills utilize the latest advances in landfill technology to protect local ecosystems and ensure long-term integrity. A dedicated environmental steward, Waste Management ensures that all of our facilities are designed, operated and maintained to meet or exceed local, state and federal regulations.

Many Waste Management landfills offer state-of-the-art bioremediation services for detoxifying contaminated soils. After treatment, treated soils can be safely disposed of in a landfill or transported off-site for other practical applications.

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