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    Healthcare facilities across the nation are grappling with the serious issue of pharmaceutical waste. Let us help you design and manage a program that’s financially and environmentally sustainable.

    Making compliance simple and cost-effective.
    Let PharmEcology® * be your expert resource for creating and implementing a compliant pharmaceutical waste management system that makes sense environmentally and financially. We provide cost-effective services focused on education, information, implementation, support and certification – each designed to simplify the way you identify and manage your organization’s pharmaceutical waste.

    Perhaps you’re looking for specific drug information – the kind provided in our Inventory Analysis, for example. Or perhaps you could benefit from a more wide-ranging pharmaceutical waste management system. In either case, we are ready to assist. Our team of pharmacy professionals brings many years of experience to your task. We understand the issues involved in managing pharmaceutical waste in compliance with OSHA, DEA, EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and state regulations. We can help you understand them, too.

    *PharmEcology is a service provided by WM Healthcare Solutions, Inc., a Waste Management company.

    Overview of Waste Management PharmEcology® Services
    Whether you purchase a single pharmaceutical waste program or a bundled set, Waste Management can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

    • PharmEcology Brochure
      Waste Management offers the healthcare industry ongoing solutions to simplify the way hazardous pharmaceutical waste is identified and managed. We offer services that will help you create and environmentally friendly, EPA-complaint pharmaceutical waste system. Find out more.
    • PharmE Inventory Analysis and Waste Wizard
      This program categorizes hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste and provides you with searchable waste disposal guidance for more than 170,000 drug products. Use this program to search online for waste disposal requirements, including both federal and state-specific regulations, for the pharmaceutical marketplace. Find out more.
    • PharmE® On-Site Risk Assessment.
      Do you know how to apply the EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) definitions of hazardous waste to your current pharmaceutical waste management practices? This program gives you an action plan for that more.
    • PharmE® Policies and Procedures.
      Designing and implementing a compliant, cost-effective pharmaceutical waste management system is complex. This program walks you through the process with easy-to-use templates. Read more.
    • PharmE® Certification Process.
      Get RCRA-compliant policy and procedure templates for managing pharmaceutical waste, then customize and integrate them into your current hazardous materials and waste management plan. This program provides verification of process improvements and is recognized by state and federal environmental protection agencies. Read more.
    Keeping you informed.
    When you collaborate with Waste Management, the burden of regulatory interpretation no longer falls to you. Leveraging years of regulatory experience, our PharmEcology® pharmacists will guide you every step of the way, from product categorization through process implementation.

    The focus on pharmaceutical waste is increasing, both federally and at state and municipal levels. The EPA’s Office of Water is now heavily involved as well. It’s not just about RCRA hazardous waste anymore, but the disposal of all drugs. PharmEcology has responded by developing three new waste categories: non-hazardous drugs for incineration; liquid formulations that can be sewered; and solid formulations that can be landfilled. We can help you determine which approach works best for you and how to keep the process simple and cost-effective.

    Because all PharmEcology® analysts and consultants are registered pharmacists, we can accurately evaluate pharmaceutical formulations, not just the raw chemical ingredients. Our expertise minimizes the number of incompatible wastes you’ll have to segregate – and this helps save you money.

    We're also enhancing our Inventory Analysis and Waste Wizard to provide specific waste recommendations for full, partial, and empty containers, including syringes.

    Keeping you compliant.
    Compliance in pharmaceutical waste management is a moving target. At Waste Management, our job is to stay abreast of state and federal regulatory changes so your organization can benefit from the most recent interpretations. This way, we can help reduce your cost and increase efficiencies.

    Our pharmacist consultants perform PharmE® On-Site Risk Assessments to understand your current pharmaceutical waste management processes. We’ll develop a customized action plan that assures compliance with state and federal regulations, along with performance improvement recommendations.

    Our template PharmE® Policies and Procedures gives you the guidance you need to implement your pharmaceutical waste management program. As featured in the Practice GreenHealth Blueprint, choose from five implementation models, or mix and match the models to best fit the needs of your organization.

    Keeping you confident.
    By offering PharmEcology®* services, Waste Management has set the pace for compliant management of pharmaceutical waste. In fact, we helped write many of the guidance documents available today.

    Gain verification and recognition of your hard work with our PharmE® Certification Process. We’ll review your draft policies and procedures, perform a site visit and document your successful implementation process. Enhance your next Joint Commission Survey with this performance improvement initiative. We also provide criteria for certification to state and federal environmental protection agencies, further adding to your credibility.

    *PharmEcology is a service provided by WM Healthcare Solutions, Inc., a Waste Management company.

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