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Healthcare Solutions

  • Integrated Services / Consulting

    Our experience in consulting with other highly regulated industries has yielded them more than $50 million in savings. Let us apply these best practices to your operation to maximize your efficiencies while minimizing risks.

    Wasteful waste
    Waste Management has already helped customers in other highly regulated industries recover substantial value through operational improvements. Why not take advantage of our large and expanding portfolio of tools to help increase your institution’s operational efficiencies and reduce waste-management costs?

    Look to us for:

    • On-site implementation, training and support for your employees.
    • Goal-setting and measurement. Together, we’ll set reasonable program goals, then track, measure and report them. We’ve found that by setting annual performance goals and regularly reporting progress, everyone is motivated to make your program successful.

    In addition, our knowledgeable specialists can:

    • Advise you on collaborating with your suppliers to improve the cost-efficiency of the products you purchase.
    • Help you assess and acquire products that are more durable or more recyclable, with an eye toward minimizing their ultimate environmental impact.
    • Work with you to evaluate your waste/recyclables-handling processes, equipment and facilities to ensure they’re operating at peak performance.
    • Work with your suppliers to identify new market opportunities for your recyclable commodities – so you can recover more value from more materials.
    • Identify opportunities to minimize resource consumption.

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