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Waste Management is not just North America's largest recycler; we are leading the way in economically and environmentally sustainable recycling solutions. Through our wholly owned subsidiary, WM Recycle America, Waste Management is pioneering and putting into action the latest in innovative sorting technologies - making recycling programs easy and cost effective for commercial accounts.

From collection to processing to marketing, Waste Management and WM Recycle America are the partners you can count on for sustainable recycling programs such:

Commercial and Industrial Recycling

Reduce your facility's waste disposal costs by recycling your non-hazardous wastes. Waste Management and its wholly owned WM Recycle America subsidiary can help you earn credits toward your waste disposal bill by finding new markets for your unused or scrap paper products, metal, glass, plastic and other industrial refuse. We also specialize in recycling your industrial scrap plastics.

Bale Routes

WM Recycle America offers regional and national bale routes, which allow smaller volume fiber recyclers to cost-effectively recycle bales of old newspaper (ONP), old corrugated containers (OCC) and various mixed grades of fiber. By "jumping on" a bale truck's collection route, various retail customers and distribution centers that may not have been able to recycle cost-effectively in the past may now find this option a workable solution for managing their total waste stream.


WM Recycle America handled nearly 7 million tons of fiber in 2006, including more than 50 grades of office paper, printer’s waste, cardboard, newspaper, de-inking high grade and pulp substitutes. By recycling more than 2.5 million tons of newspaper a year, about 41 million trees were saved. And by recycling more than 1.5 million tons of cardboard, we recycle more than 6 billion boxes each year. As the nation’s largest provider of recycling services, WM Recycle America has relationships with industrial, commercial, retail and public-sector fiber generators throughout North America.


Material such as plastic bottles and aluminum cans are easily recovered through WM Recycle America’s commercial programs. Industrial materials such as rubber, sheet, profile, and injected plastics are handled with the same ease as residential bales of plastic or aluminum. We are experienced in working with materials recovered from mixed waste processing facilities, as well as other waste generators. Our customers include rubber and plastic producers, sheet and profile extruders, and injection molders.

Construction and Demolition (C & D) Recycling

Reduce the waste disposal costs of your construction, remodeling or demolition project by recycling your construction and demolition (C&D) waste. Waste Management and its WM Recycle America wholly owned subsidiary can help you earn credits toward your waste disposal bill by recycling your unused or scrap paper products, metal, glass and other waste.

Watch this video to learn more about our C&D Recycling capabilities.

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