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    Overview of WM PharmEcology®

    Whether you purchase a single pharmaceutical waste program or a bundled set, Waste Management can tailor our services to meet your specific needs. And when you collaborate with Waste Management, the burden of regulatory interpretation no longer falls to you. We stay abreast of state and federal regulatory changes so your organization can stay informed and compliant.

    PharmEcology Brochure
    Waste Management offers the healthcare industry ongoing solutions to simplify the way hazardous pharmaceutical waste is identified and managed. We offer services that will help you create and environmentally friendly, EPA-complaint pharmaceutical waste system.

    PharmE Inventory Analysis and Waste Wizard
    This program categorizes hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste and provides you with searchable waste disposal guidance for more than 170,000 drug products. Use this program to search online for waste disposal requirements, including both federal and state-specific regulations, for the pharmaceutical marketplace.

    PharmE® On-Site Risk Assessment.
    Do you know how to apply the EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) definitions of hazardous waste to your current pharmaceutical waste management practices? This program gives you an action plan for that and more.

    PharmE® Policies and Procedures.
    Designing and implementing a compliant, cost-effective pharmaceutical waste management system is complex. This program walks you through the process with easy-to-use templates.

    PharmE® Certification Process.
    Get RCRA-compliant policy and procedure templates for managing pharmaceutical waste, then customize and integrate them into your current hazardous materials and waste management plan. This program provides verification of process improvements and is recognized by state and federal environmental protection agencies.

    PharmE® Pharmaceutical Waste Solutions
    As your environmental services provider, Waste Management is able to draw on our vast resources to address the entire scope of pharmaceutical waste issues you deal with – from regulated medical waste to hazardous waste.

    At Waste Management, we understand the complexities of managing pharmaceutical waste. And,our PharmEcology® Services experts are well-prepared to help you build a Sustainable Pharmacy,™ one that manages these wastes in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

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