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We'd make a dynamic duo. But the cape is all yours. Our Total Recycling Program fights waste. Saves green.

Be a hero to your clients, customers and the environment. Waste Management's
Total Recycling Program gives you the power to boost operational efficiencies,
control costs and reduce the environmental impact of your properties.

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Your dedicated specialist will guide you through our proprietary
5-Step Total Recycling Program that includes:

  1. Waste Stream Evaluation. We'll assess materials coming into and
    leaving your properties and look for opportunities to reduce, reuse
    and recycle.
  2. Sustainable Program Development. We'll tailor a program to
    your operational needs and diversion goals including developing
    materials to launch and sustain your green efforts.
  3. Execution and Education. We'll provide effective and relevant
    educational materials and train building staff, tenants and
    cleaning services on how to successfully execute the program.
  4. Detailed Diversion Reporting. We'll provide targeted
    environmental reporting that includes waste and recycling
    weights/quantities, and environmental savings.
  5. Program Continuation. We'll monitor every aspect of the
    program, recommend upgrades based on your goals, and take
    care of retraining and re-education efforts to encourage continuous
    success and improvement.

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The 5-Step program may not be available in all areas.

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